• We want the Safest Toilet Riser available
  • I have better things to do than clean
  • We want a normal bathroom

Introducing GoZunder

A unique concept in Toilet Seat Risers, GoZunder is designed with the disabled in mind.

The GoZunder fastens securely to the base of a toilet and Goes Under a standard toilet seat, making the GoZunder toilet seat riser a fixed part of the toilet, completely eliminating any hazardous shaking associated with the usual toilet riser.

GoZunder is safer for those who may not have the best balance or coordination, it also blends in, normalizing the look and feel of a bathroom.

  • GoZunder is easily installed, and easily removed by pulling two pins, one on each side of the riser.
  • GoZunder Fits Standard and Elongated Toilet Bowls.
  • GoZunder is stable, safe, and secure, no more wobbling reducing the risk of injury's due to falls.
  • GoZunder is easy to remove, allowing easy cleaning and sanitizing of the toilet and the riser.
  • GoZunder blends in, normalizing the look and feel of a bathroom.
  • GoZunder is portable, allowing freedom to travel.
  • GoZunder Mission is to Design, Produce and Distribute products to enhance and normalize bathrooms of disabled, elderly and post-operative patients at competitive prices.
  • GoZunder is a wonder. A bargain buy! Easy to install even I could do it! Heartily recommended. The friends we have introduced GoZunder to thank us often for this great product! A great buy for your bucks.
    - Mona and Bill, Utah
Made in the USA
Made ofAnti-MicrobialPlastic

The Safe and Secure Toilet Riser