A Unique Concept in Toilet Seat Risers

Father and Son, Nigel and Michael Gillingham, started out owning and operating a residential care home in Scotland and a disabled care center in Southern England.

As Owner/Operators they experienced firsthand the issues of stability, sterilizing, and visibility that the available toilet seat risers had for their clients.

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Mrs Gillingham insisted that Nigel, her husband and Michael, her son could come up with something better.

When Nigel's wife went through a hip operation she was forced to make due with the plastic toilet toper that masquerades as a toilet seat riser.

Then when they retired because of their own disabilities,they encountered the same issues as their clients, in a more personal form.

Nigel's wife had a few requests for this new Toilet Seat Riser!

  • It had to be easy to remove and clean!
  • It had to be of a Sanatary material!
  • It needed to blend in with the existing toilet! She was tired of running to hide the toilet seat riser from guests.
  • AND it needed to be stable, no more sitting down on the toilet only to wonder if you would fall off at any second!
Made in the USA
Made ofAnti-MicrobialPlastic

    GoZunder in Action

GoZunder's Mission
is to Design, Produce and Distribute products to enhance and normalize bathrooms of disabled, elderly and post-operative patients at competitive prices.
GoZunder's Vission
is to become the number one brand in Toilet Seat Risers in the U.S. To grow the GoZunder brand internationally.
GoZunder's Values
are to Preserve Dignity, Enhance Safety, Comfort and Security, reduce Embarrassment, and produce affordable products which meet customer satisfaction and to listen to their customers in order to satisfy their needs.