What our Clients have to Say

I am thrilled with the GoZunder and have bought two more so I can avoid long walks and stairs in my home.
It is a great idea allowing your bathroom to look normal; being able to close the toilet seat also keeps curious cats out. It is very easy to clean. Thank you for the great innovation. - Karen, Utah
  • I got the package and have installed the riser and it is working wonderfully for my disabled husband. Thank you again for your service and do have a great day - Trudy, Utah
  • When my sister-in-law was recently in the hospital and rehabilitation, we felt the need to make her home safer for her. We had the opportunity to obtain a GoZunder Toilet Seat Riser. I found it extremely easy to install. it took less than 15 minutes. When she had the opportunity to use it, she was so excited because it actually had her own toilet seat fastened to it so she did not have to sit on just a plastic ring! She finds it extremely easy to clean and is mounted securely to the toilet. she absolutely loves it! - Steve, Utah
  • I had one of the very first toilet seat risers from GoZunder. I had surgery on my hips and knee and getting on and off the toilet was hard to say the least and painful. My arms started to hurt where I was having to pull myself up, and down. With the GoZunder I no longer need any help at all. No one noticed our GoZunder until I told them we had one because our bathroom looked so normal. Our normal toilet seat was still in place and I could still put the lid down. My independence and dignity was restored once again. I take it when I visit my children, so I don't have to ask for help anymore. Thank you GoZunder I no longer dread my trips to the bathroom. -Carol, Utah.
  • Bought the GoZunder toilet seat riser for my aging mother-in-law. It's the highest quality product, a secure design, sanitary properties, and most of all the price value I found. Easy to install and even take on a trip. Once you see the seat you'll be impressed. Thanks for an excellent product. I've already purchased 2 and plan to purchase others for needs. - Jeff, Utah
  • We at Jewel Legacy Gardens would like to officially thank the fine folks at GoZunder LLC and express how safe and comfortable their toilet risers are. I attended an in-service at Zions Way Health and Hospice where I learned how important and affordable safe toileting can be. I purchased 10 risers for our new assisted living facilityin Beaver, Utah... fell in love and brought 1 home. I recommend these new risers to anyone with bad knees or hips, recent surgery or extra height. After using mine for a month my hip and knee pain is gone. - Sam. Utah

  • I am almost 92 yrs old, 6 ft tall and generally mobile, however, bending and sitting is now a little difficult.

Until I got my GoZunder using the bathroom was difficult.Using my bathroom with a GoZunder has made me feel like a Spring Chicken, no problems or difficulties anymore. It is easy to remove and clean and very discreet.

I wish I had bought one earlier as it has made my life so much easier.-Tony, Utah

Made in the USA
Made ofAnti-MicrobialPlastic

    GoZunder in Action

GoZunder's Mission
is to Design, Produce and Distribute products to enhance and normalize bathrooms of disabled, elderly and post-operative patients at competitive prices.
GoZunder's Vission
is to become the number one brand in Toilet Seat Risers in the U.S. To grow the GoZunder brand internationally.
GoZunder's Values
are to Preserve Dignity, Enhance Safety, Comfort and Security, reduce Embarrassment, and produce affordable products which meet customer satisfaction and to listen to their customers in order to satisfy their needs.